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After many years on the Oregon wine retail scene, Boris "Bo" Wiedenfeld-Needham entered the world of high-end wine distribution. It was during his years in distribution that he figured out two things: a) contrary to popular belief, great wine doesn't have to be expensive, and b) even in price controlled states like Oregon, there are a plethora of amazing deals available to retailers, IF one knows where to look and whom to talk to. And thus, the idea for Bo's Wine Depot was forged.

Before Bo's, there were basically two wine-buying experiences available in Oregon: Supermarkets, with a selection of factory produced schlock and no guidance at all, or "fine wine stores" where thousands of bottles go to die on the shelves, surrounded by snobby, intimidating service.  Having grown up in Europe, Bo remembers simple wine stores in barns, that would have maybe 100 wines, all stacked up by the case. They would let you taste whatever you wanted, and people would trust the proprietor to bring is great wines, at everyday prices. They'd always have a bunch of wines open to taste and people looked forward to going to the store to shop - it was fun, rather than a chore.

Come visit us at Bo's Wine Depot and put the fun back into wine buying!

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